The art of stand ups

Be honest ,when you are called for your daily standup meeting do you react with enthusiasm or do you sigh out of frustration? Here are a few lessons I’ve learned which may help get things back on track.

  • Remember the 3 things you need to say. What have I done? What am I doing? Is there anything stopping me?
  • All questions and discussions should be take offline!
  • Everyone on the team is responsible for stopping people who are taking the meeting off track.
  • Be punctual!
  • Only members of the team get a speaking part!
  • Make sure the meeting is held at a time suitable for everyone.
  • Make sure its held at the same time in the same place!
  • Make sure everyone knows the rules!
  • It doesn’t matter if people are standing. Just that they keep to the rules!

With a bit of practice and a great deal of discipline these should help reign in those unruly meetings!

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