It’s my turn to drive… (or why Battlefield 1942 is a good game for LAN parties)

In 2002 Battlefield 1942 was released, a multiplayer first person shooter where you can command the various implements of war to destructive effect. In short order you can go from a frantic dog fight, to an epic tank battle to storming bunkers on foot, all with the help of your friends. It’s even possible to take command of massive battleships and engage in battles at sea!

I adore Battlefield 1942, for me it’s one of the greatest games to play at a LAN party and here’s why!


Sometimes you don’t want to play competitively, sometimes there’s not enough people to fill a server, sometimes you just don’t want to have to hop between servers until you find one that fits everyone. That where Battlefield’s bot’s help! While they’re not very clever, and tend to hog the tanks the fact that they’re always available makes it very easy to jump in to a large scale battle with your friends.

The vehicles.

There’s many shooters out there that will satisfy that competitive itch, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, even the classic that is Goldeneye but after a while even the best of them can become repetitive. What makes Battlefield more interesting is the vehicles, each map has a different set for you to command or destroy. Depending on your preferences.

It’s an old game!

This sounds like an odd thing to say but the fact that this is an older game really works to Battlefield 1942’s advantage. Planetside and the newer Battlefield games offer better graphics and more advanced gameplay but not everyone has a machine with enough power to handle them! Here’s the minimum requirements for Battlefield 1942; 500MHz process, 128 MB Ram, 1.2 GB disk space and a 32MB graphics card. Not too much to ask!

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