Trello world!

You might have noticed from my previous post about using ‘Kanban at Home’ that I use Trello, Trello is a free and simple way to organize absolutely anything! That sounds a bit like a sales pitch but it’s honestly true, it’s very helpful!

My favourite part is the app, whilst I’m waiting for my bus I usually spend some time getting my day sorted. Even on my phone’s smaller screen creating new items is easy and moving items is simply a case of dragging them between lists. Once at work I can open Trello in a browser and get on with my todo list!

Creating lists is simple too, I often find myself creating lists for smaller things for example a shopping list but it doesn’t stop there, I can easily share the list with my partner. Currently we have a shared list for the work we want to do on our house, which we can both add items to and move to in progress when we’re working on something!

Whilst I don’t use them myself, you can add color coded labels to your items to better help manage them and even add check lists and comments to them.

Trello is free to use and very easy to set up, you can use your google account to sign if if you happen to have one.

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