More fields to battle on!

In a previous post I talked about why Battlefield 1942 was a great game for LAN parties but if you fancy something more modern here’s some games that are worth a try!

Planetside 2 

The great thing about Planetside 2 is the scale, whole planets are your battlefield and you’re always able to call in vehicles of your chosing. Riding in to an enemy stronghold on a carrier jet as reinforcements break through supported by tanks is a fantastic experience and it’s all free to play!

Battlefield series

The Battlefield series didn’t stop at 1942! The bots and classic vehicles are gone instead replaced with streamlined online match finding and more modern vehicles but the open world feeling that made 1942 great is still there. The Frostbite engine is fanastic and the destructable environments add a nice twist to the experience. No more hiding in bunkers to escape a tank’s wrath!

Team Fortress 2 

Another free to play game! Team Fortress 2 is a first person shooter where you select from a number of different classes and work together towards different objectives. The scout’s speed is very useful for capturing flags but against the might of a heavy gunner you’re going to need some support. Perhaps a sniper to keep you covered? The cooperative horde mode in particular is fantastic with some friends, just don’t get too hooked or you may end up buying lots of hats…

Battlefield 1943

Deserving of a special mention, Battlefield 1943 is the same setting as the 1942 games and even features similar maps to play on. The difference being that the graphics and destructable worlds that were present in more modern Battlefield games are present here too. Available on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, fans of 1942 really need to give this a try!

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