What makes Heroes of the Storm so accessible

DOTA2 and League of Legends, two fantastic games with two incredibly steep learning curves! Veteran players will argue it takes time to get good at them but it’s worth the investment and I won’t disagree with that. If you have the time to spare then you should definitely try them!

A great selection of heroes is available!

However Blizzard have entered the ‘Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’ (MOBA) scene with their offering ‘Heroes of the Storm’ (HotS) and they’ve gone to great lengths to make it as easy to get in to as possible. Here’s how;

  • No items, no gold! In DOTA2 not only do you have to manage your champion’s progression you also have to manage their finances! Knowing what to buy and when in DOTA2 adds a level of complexity that HotS simply doesn’t have!
  • Shared experience. In other MOBAs you have to carefully balance who gets the experience to ensure the right players level fastest, getting the most experience. HotS instead introduces levelling as a team, this means that when you get experience your whole team benefits!
  • Map based objectives. On one map you will have to find gold coins to pay a greedy pirate to bombard your enemy’s buildings. On another map you have to capture shrines to gain control of a mighty dragon warrior! It’s true, you will have to learn what you need to do on each map but they’re so easy to learn and such fun when you do!
  • A fantastic tutorial. The tutorial in DOTA2 is very well done, and to it’s credit serves as a great introduction. However with HotS the characters you know and love from ‘World of Warcraft’, ‘Diablo’ and ‘Starcraft’ are present, and their personalities shine through making the tutorial a very fun experience!

You will have to learn what you need to do on each map but when you do you’re going to have fun!

Even though HotS is simple, it doesn’t mean there’s not a great deal to it. You will find yourself thinking about which talents are best to pick, what the best play style is for your chosen hero or what the best choice is in the midst of battle. All of these will tax MOBA veterans and new comers alike!

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