Running Jackbox Party Pack on Fedora

If you’ve not tried the Jackbox Party Pack yet, I recommend you do so. Here’s the trailer which explains what it consists of;

The nice thing about Jackbox Party Pack is that you don’t need to haul around 8 controllers to get the full experience, people just browse to the site on their phone, enter a code and then they’re in! I liked this game so much I wanted to introduce it to my parents who always enjoyed playing games like ‘Scene It’ and ‘Buzz’ but the only laptop I had was running Fedora so what could I do?


This was my first thought but a quick scan through WINEHQ didn’t come up with any helpful results.

Use Steam’s inbuilt streaming service

Steam supports in home streaming, so in theory I could run the game on my desktop computer and Stream it to my laptop. All I needed to do was install Steam on both machines, login and fire the game up.

Despite it being over WIFI the game ran pretty well, even when everyone’s phones were connected as well. Unfortunately though this wasn’t really an option if I wanted to take my laptop to my parents!


It’s a bit of a cheat but I was only able to get it running properly on my laptop by using a Windows VM. Thankfully the game isn’t very demanding graphically so as long as you have a good enough spec to run the VM you’ll be fine.

A nice thing Microsoft are doing at the moment is providing ready made VMs for testing with various versions of IE. If you visit their site you can grab a VirtualBox image and run it straight away but be warned the license seems to indicate it’s only usable for testing purposes!

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