Fallout Shelter

Imagine, if you will, a post apocalyptic wasteland, the world is in ruins, deadly creatures and brutal raiders roam the deserted cities. For survivors of this harsh environment the prospect of a safe place with plentiful food and water is almost too good to be true, but then they’ve never met an overseer like you!

For fans of the Fallout series, Fallout shelter is a fantastic little app for your phone or tablet which puts you in the position of overseer and gives you your very own vault, plus inhabitants to care for. Thankfully there’s numerous rooms, each with their own function to help you on your way. ‘The Power Generator’, ‘Diner’ and ‘Water Treatment’ room provide you with power, food and water essential for keeping your residents alive, whereas rooms like the ‘Medbay’ and ‘Science Lab’ provide a way to create ‘Stimpaks’ and ‘Radaway’ to help fix any injuries your residents sustain.

A vault in progress!
A vault in progress!

Oh and they will sustain injuries, if random attacks from ‘Molerats’ don’t hurt them raiders certainly will! Thankfully you can send inhabitants out in to the unforgiving wastes to search for armor weapons which you can use to defend yourself.

All these weapons mean that your survivors can focus on their jobs, and maybe even find time to raise families! The number of visitors wishing to join your community is fairly low, so unless you manage to unlock some through the lunchbox the game hands out for achievements, you’re probably going to have to rely on kids born in the vault growing up!

The game isn’t the most forgiving and a poorly thought out vault will turn to ruin very quickly. My first vault lasted barely a day but thankfully I learned a great deal, enough so that my second vault is much more successful, at least so far it is. Apparently brutal Deathclaws can come charging in to your vault and I don’t think my vault dweller’s pistols stand much chance against them!

Rooms like the class room help improve dweller's stats.
Rooms like the class room help improve dweller’s stats.

The game is free, though there is in game purchases, most of these are for “lunchboxes” as mentioned above, which have a random chance of containing weapons, armor, resources or even new vault dwellers. You can unlock these by earning achievements though. The other purchasable item is Mr Handy, a flying robot who patrols a floor of your vault and helps out in case of emergency, I splashed out and got one of these as I was struggling a bit with some bad luck!

For a free game, available on both Android and IOS, Fallout Shelter is a really compelling mobile game with lots of interesting things to do in it. Well worth a try!

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