My first legendary item!

It took some doing, but I finally did it! I got my first ever ‘World of Warcraft’ legendary item, Nithramus! Unfortunately with the upcoming expansion, Legion, I’m probably not going to be able to get much use out of it but still I’m quite proud of that little accomplishment.

If you’ve not had a legendary before and would like to try for it then there is still time, and here’s some guides that I found helpful to get you on your way.

WoW head guide to the legendary quest line

You will have to run through some of the raids in ‘Warlords of Draenor’ to get the items required, but thankfully you can do the LFR versions if you aren’t in a guild. While LFR is fairly easy, it helps to know the raids!


Blackrock Foundry

Hellfire Citadel

Don’t forget you can queue for multiple raids at a time, this is quite handy as it tends to reduce the time spent waiting between raids!

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