Max Mad

Mad Max was released early September to what were generally positive reviews and I have to agree it’s a pretty good game. It’s not without it’s fault, the game can be quite repetitive, the camera can be more challenging than the enemies and the storyline borders on non existent but the option to customize Max and your car and the post apocalyptic settings are very immersive. You can easily find yourself spending hours searching for pieces of scrap to upgrade your precious car. The screenshot functionality was quite fun too, I found myself plache ying with the filters and overlays more than I’d care to admit!

My precious car!
My precious car!

Unfortunately though this game is not without it’s bugs, take one look at the Steam forums and you’ll see what I mean. These are the ones that I saw;

  • Super rat! – As I was exploring the desert I came across a small rodent. Given my health was low I thought it would have do to as  meal. Unfortunately I failed to notice this small rodent was sporting a cape (not really) because no sooner had I pressed the attack button, I found myself launched in to space. It’s possible I had hit a sand storm but I definitely didn’t see it!
  • Nicely done Chum! – In the game Max has a side kick, Chumbucket, who will drive the car to Max if he’s strayed to far away from it looking for scrap. Unfortunately every time I shouted for Mr Bucket, he would promptly run me over with my own car. Thanks Chum!
  • Don’t need maps where we are going… – Now this was the game killer unfortunately. At the time of writing there’s a bug where you lose the ability to access your map, pressing the button it’s bound to just interrupts Max’s current action but doesn’t display the map. Some people recommended using a “balloon” to reveal an area on the map, or to loot some of the various items in the game. Unfortunately neither of these work for me, so I’m left unable to know where I’m going, know where the last few objectives are and unable to fast travel anywhere! If that doesn’t make Max mad I’m not sure what will!

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