First Impressions of Fallout 4

It’s brilliant. Bye! I have to admit I’m pretty tempted to leave it just at that. Fallout 4 has that same addictive property that Fallout 3 and New Vegas possessed, you sit down to play and suddenly find that most of your day has dissipated. Much like it’s predecessors there’s so many events, missions and places […]

Upgrading IntelliJ IDEA from 14 to 15

A newer version of the IntelliJ IDEA is now available and there’s some interesting new features that will probably make you want to upgrade. If you do decide to upgrade here’s the steps I took for reference; Download the installer; Extract it to your preferred location. Add it your path ~/.bashrc. export PATH=$PATH:/WHERE_YOU_PUT_INTELLIJ/bin Start IntelliJ by typing […]