Upgrading IntelliJ IDEA from 14 to 15

A newer version of the IntelliJ IDEA is now available and there’s some interesting new features that will probably make you want to upgrade. If you do decide to upgrade here’s the steps I took for reference;

  • Download the installer; https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/
  • Extract it to your preferred location.
  • Add it your path ~/.bashrc.
  • Start IntelliJ by typing idea.sh in to a terminal.
    • Admire the shiny new loading screen.
    • When prompted import your previous settings.
    • When prompted update your plugins.

Nice and simple! You may get a warning about IBus like I did, this is because at the time and writing the required version wasn’t available for me. For now I’m just choosing to ignore this warning and I’ve not had problems so far.

You may also need to create a shortcut icon, I found the top answer here very helpful!

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