First Impressions of Fallout 4

It’s brilliant. Bye!

I have to admit I’m pretty tempted to leave it just at that. Fallout 4 has that same addictive property that Fallout 3 and New Vegas possessed, you sit down to play and suddenly find that most of your day has dissipated. Much like it’s predecessors there’s so many events, missions and places to discover I wonder if I will ever see it all! However comparing Fallout 4 to Fallout 3 is like comparing Skyrim to Oblivion, the series has evolved!

Levelling is now quicker and the level cap has gone! No longer do you have to carefully and meticulously plan your builds, now you’re free to mistakenly put points in to strength without worrying you’ve broken your character!

Every character is amazingly detailed.
Every character is amazingly detailed.

Visually the game has improved too, you’re no longer wandering an empty wasteland littered with the odd settlements, whole cities have survived the bombs and wait for you to discover them. There’s even trees!

The biggest change though is the settlements, you can now build a safe places for you and other survivors to live. This is done by gathering resources out in the wild to turn in to beds for your survivors, turrets to keep them safe and crafting benches to help you improve your gear. The modification aspect is more prominent in Fallout 4 in New Vegas, while in New Vegas you could only add attachments to certain guns, Fallout 4 lets you customize every component of your chosen weapon. You could turn that simple pistol in to a deadly rifle or a rapid fire submachine gun. You just need to find the right materials!

I’ve still got much more time to invest, I’m only level 11 after all, but I’m certain I’m going to find it just as enjoyable as those first few hours!

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