Year in review

It’s near the end of 2015 and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts about the year that’s gone by.

The Good

My brother’s wedding. This year my little brother got married and he asked me to be the best man! I have to say him and his wife were really organised, so there wasn’t much I had to do apart from organise the stag do. I was very nervous about being stood with them in the church and the speech I had to give but everything went really well. It was a wonderful day and one I’m never going to forget!

This year I finally asked my partner of 9 years to marry me and they said yes! I managed to book a cinema screen near where I lived and had them show a trailer which I had created containing the big question. I think my partner knew what was happening long before we arrived but I still managed to surprise them. The wedding is next year so we’re going to be spending lots of time planning and preparing!

At my place of work I lead a team with 3 other members, and this year it’s been fantastic to see them develop. They were already a fantastic team, and very talented but this year I’ve seen them deliver more and more and grow professionally. I hope I had something to do with it but even if not I’m very proud to work with such a great group!

The Bad

With everything that’s gone on this year there’s not been much time for us to see people and it feels like I’ve lost touch a bit with people a little bit. Hopefully this year we can fix that!

The worst part of this this year however was when we lost both my grandfather and my partners father. Both were two very wonderful people, who always put their families first and would do anything to help others, even if it was just making them smile. I don’t think either of them would want us being said, instead we’re all going to try our best to keep going and to look after others like they would have wanted.

The rest

2015 has been a roller-coaster of a year with some wonderful highs and some terrible lows, hopefully we can make a good start of 2016 and start getting back on track!

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