Being a good leader… in Fallout 4

If you’ve been playing Fallout 4 at all you may have seen one of the achievements isn’t particularly easy to get;

Screenshot from 2015-12-28 17-58-44

That’s just 0.9% of the people playing Fallout 4 on Steam that have this achievement and it’s not surprising given how tricky it is to get this achievement!

The premise is simple, get one of your settlements to 100 happiness, but how do you do it?

Here’s what I did;

  1. Found a new place for a settlement with space for buildings but not too big.
  2. Cleared the settlement of everything, trees, tires etc.
  3. Using the “Local Leader” perk, rank 2, connected my settlement to another one.
  4. Built houses and beds, planted food, added water pumps and defence. Remember defence has to be greater than food + water or you’re settlement will be in danger!
  5. Add some decoration! I’m not sure it makes a difference but it least it makes your structures a little more pleasing aesthetically.
  6. Add a radio tower and wait until a few people show up. I did it with 6.
  7. Build “restaurants” for each person near each other, assign each person to them. To build restaurants you will need the right level of the “Cap Collector” perk.
  8. Build a bed and chair near the restaurants.
  9. Cancel your “provider” for some reason this seemed to effect happiness.
  10. Use the follow routine until you reach 100;
    • 8am – 12pm – Open the building menu and wait until happiness goes up a point or two. If it does move to the next step, if not, wait until it does.
    • 12pm – 8pm – Sit on the chair and use wait.
    • 8pm – 8am – Sleep in the bed

Checking if you’re settlement can reach 100.

Open the console which should be the ‘ key. Select the workbench at the settlement and use the following command;

getav 127238

You will see something like the following, if it says 100 you’re on the right track, if not try adding some decorations or making sure you’ve assigned all the restaurants.

GetActorValue WorkshopRatingHappinessTarget 100.00

Random events

While you are doing this events will occur in your other settlements, for example they may come under attack. I recommend creating a save before you start this, and loading it once you have the achievement. Your other settlements will come under attack but you cannot go and help them! Your presence at a settlement does a great deal for it’s happiness!

Setting the happiness level in the console

I’ve seen people recommend this but it didn’t work for me and I didn’t get the achievement. Worth a try if you get stuck or can’t wait.

Be patient!

Lastly, this will take some time, in real time! So make sure you’ve got a book or something to read while you do this and don’t give up!

This routine, the idea of using bars/restaurants and console commands were first published on Reddit on this article, however I didn’t follow the other steps, so can’t say if it works or not.

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