Jet Set Radioooo

Recently as part of it’s ‘Make War Not Love‘ Sega have been giving out copies of Jet Set Radio for free and it’s definitely worth a try!

The original version was for the Dreamcast and was released in 2000. The game enjoyed a great deal of success thanks to it’s exciting gameplay which was quirky and odd but strangely at home on the Dreamcast’s lineup which included the likes of Crazy Taxi and ChuChu Rocket!

The premise was surprisingly simple you skated around the cell shaded 3d levels, performing tricks and spray painting the various targets in order to complete the levels. Sometimes it was difficult to find your next target and sometimes the levels enemies, which included attack helicopters, assassins with whips and rival skaters, could frustrate you to the point you’d want to throw the controller away, but the wonderful up tempo soundtrack and satisfying feeling of performing a series of fancy looking tricks would make it all go away.

If you’re interested a portion of the soundtrack is available on Spotify and it’s well worth a listen, you’ll soon finding yourself nodding along with it!

The re-released version features update graphics, although it still looks a bit dated by today’s standards, as well as support for Xbox 360 controllers if you happen to have one. Even if it weren’t free this would be a game worth playing but at that price what do you have to lose by giving it a try?



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