Rise of the Robots!

On the 22nd of March the Commonwealth changed forever because on the 22nd of March the Mechanist and their robot army came to stay.

The first DLC for Fallout 4 has arrived and it brings robots, crafting and a new story line for players to explore but what is it like?

If you’ve played Fallout 3 the Mechanist might be a familiar name, a deluded superhero trying to defend a town against the Antagonizer as they lay siege to a small town. Unfortunately their conflict caused more damage than good, but is this the same Mechanist? What are they trying to achieve with their robot horde? The answer to these questions starts with a distress call.

In terms of story Automatron falls a little short with just a few quests that a character of high enough level won’t find challenging but the new interesting characters and exciting new locations provide enough to make the ride an enjoyable one. The real joy of Automatron can be found in the crafting of your very own robot army.

Each robot you’ve encountered so far in your adventures in the wasteland is available with a new addition to the roster and you can customize them in new and exciting ways. Codsworth is great but they’d be much more intimidating with a few metal spikes protruding from their armor! You can also make horrible new creations, replacing the sentries traditional heavy legs with a booster creates the horrifying swarm bot!

The £7.99 price tag, seems a little steep for the amount of content, but if you’re feeling a bit tired of the Commonwealth and enjoy the crafting mechanic, Automatron does deliver some interesting opportunities!


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