Fallout 4: A wicked combination

As I’ve been playing a fair bit of Fallout 4 recently, I thought I’d share a nasty combination that I’ve been using.

Warning! This contains some spoilers!

So the first thing you need is, the Righteous Authority, I play a sneaky sniper in Fallout games, so I’ve modded it with all the mods that increase range and accuracy. Then you’ll need Kellog’s pistol, feel free to mod it out as you see fit.

In combat I try my best to sneak up on my targets, I start with the Righteous Authority and empty my Action Points with the aim of filling the crit meter, typically this is 3 shots. Once the  crit meter is full I switch to Kellog’s pistol and target whichever enemy is nearby and use the prepared crit. With my action points refilled I can switch back to the Righteous Authority and keep repeating, or to the Deliverer to unload a hail of bullets and the remaining enemies!

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