Pathfinder: The beginning

Recently I purchased the Pathfinder Beginner Box to run a campaign with some friends, I won’t spoil the contents of the Beginner Box but I would recommend giving it a try if you fancy stepping in to ‘pen and paper’ roleplaying. The simplified rules and clear instructions make it very accessible! Instead I’m going to be writing about some of the adventures that were had after we completed the initial story.

Having just completed their previous adventure, our three heroes, Rizzie, Ez and Kyra were celebrating with the rest of the town folk. Prior to completing the previous adventure they had talked with the priest at the local chapel, Father Absalom regarding some strange thefts from the chapel. It led to an altercation with a pair of dwarven rogues but little beyond that. As Ez, the wizard of the group, proceeded to get quite drunk and enamoured with a bag of wheat, Kyra again heard of  the problem at the chapel and went to investigate with the rogue Rizzie in tow, leaving poor Ez to be put in the garrisons cells to sleep off the drink.

The group eventually found themselves dealing with the rogues again, this time mid heist as they trapped them in the chapel. The rogues were quite powerful though and our heroes would have been in trouble if not for the presence of the city guard thankfully the rogues were caught and it seemed like the adventure was coming to an end. The next day however the group were roused from their rest at the inn by their favourite guardsmen (who used to be an adventurer but took an arrow. to the knee…). The rogues had been slaughtered and the Sheriff was to blame. The group didn’t think the Sheriff was the perpertrator as the circumstances were quite suspicious so they decided to investigate. At first they thought it was their friend the guardsman who they suspected had training as a rogue, they tested this theory by tripping him over as he went to fetch some artefacts, the reasoning being a rogue would be agile enough to save himself the fall. However our poor guard fell on his injured knee and despite his joyful nature was not best pleased. Thankfully Kyra, the cleric was able to heal him and he soon forgave the group.

With a few leads to go on, Kyra and Ez went to the graveyard to investigate the possibility the rogues were killed as they had hidden some loot away from their evil employer, while Rizzie went to investigate their favourite hangout. At this point I physically split the group, Rizzie went to the docks but encountered Ez searching through a barrel the Rogues were previously guarding, Rizzie went to approach Ez but he ran quickly back to the chapel. Meanwhile Ez and Kyra were recovering some lost items that had been buried by the rogues. Suddenly they see a shadowy figure run in to the chapel with Rizzie in hot pursuit.

When Rizzie stopped to talk to Kyra, Ez dashed in to the chapel. At this point I asked something of my friend playing Ez, I wanted him to play both himself and the doppelganger who was impersonating him. This wicked creature was well prepared and had made clothes to perfect his disguise, he was identical to Ez in every way.

When we returned to the group, the person playing Ez put on a fantastic performance as both himself and his doppelgangner. For a while it was a bit uncertain but eventually the group figured out who was the real Ez and who was the doppelganger. A fight broke out and the doppelganger fled the scene but not before revealing they had in fact been impersonating the local priest in their past few encounters.

The group went to meet the head of the local university who revealed to them a little about the history of Sandpoint and a dark evil ruler who was killed by the towns people a long time ago. The dark ruler’s wealth was melted down to make the artifacts that were being stolen from the church. The group learned the former residence of the dark ruler and set off to investigate, realizing that the artefacts they had found they had in fact left in the graveyard. Possibly a costly mistake!

Apologies for the long post, but there was a lot to cover, I’ll be writing more about the groups adventures as they happen in the future!

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