2016 Year in Review

Another year has gone by and what a year! I don’t think 2016 will be missed by many people, a lot of well known celebrities have sadly passed on and a number of events have left people feeling concerned about what the future holds. I won’t even pretend to be able to comment accurately on any of the things that happened, instead here’s just what happened to me this year.

The Good

The biggest thing that happened this year was marrying my partner of 10 years! People told us wedding planning was tough and hectic but in all honesty we found it pretty easy! Admittedly we were quite busy, there was a great deal to get done, but we think we handled it well and with only minimal arguments. That being said one of the things I’ll talk about in the “bad” section of this post, provided some “interesting” photos at the very least.


Though it was a tough decision 2016 was the year that I left my previous job and a fantastic group of people, to move on to a new employer. It was a tough decision to make but I have to admit I’m glad I did, as I’ve already learned a great deal in my new role so far and the people I get to work with are just as amazing as those I left behind. I’m looking forward to what the future holds!

The past few years both my partner and I have lived close to public transport, or close to the places we’ve worked, so we’ve rarely had need for a car. In 2016 we realised that public transport wasn’t enough so we purchased a car from my partner’s brother. It’s an older car but it’s in great condition and it’s really helped us, particularly with sorting things out for the wedding! It’s also meant I was able to get over my anxiety towards driving which is something I’m quite proud of!

The Bad

For my stag do my brother, the best man, took us out paintballing. I had a fantastic time right up to the very last few minutes of the last game when I managed to fracture my ankle. Ouch! I was running, firing the paintball gun and carrying the flag when I slipped and landed awkwardly. I’ve only just got out of the “air boot” that I was wearing to help it heal ( I used that pun in my wedding speech), so unfortunately I was wearing it when I got married.

The wedding was a wonderful day, I was so happy to have so many friends and family with us that day but in 2015 we lost my partner’s father and my grandad and their abscence was felt the whole day. We miss you both.

Quite a few close friends have also lost friends and family in 2016 and it’s always a painful thing to talk about. To those people I just want to say I’m right here if you need me, don’t ever be afraid to call even if it’s just to spend some time together.

The rest

Without wedding planning taking up most of our time and money, it means I can focus more on things like this blog, on seeing my friends and fixing up my house. It’s going to be a busy year this one but one I’m looking forward to.

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