I’m a developer with 8 years experience of software development, during this time I’ve worked with with C#, Asp.net, Python and JavaScript and while I’m open to learning new things, Java is my language of choice these days. I also enjoy learning about software development methodologies in particular the application of agile development. I’m still learning though so I’m not an expert yet!

I’m keen to contribute to an open source project, so if there’s anything you’re working on let me know.

As one of the founders of First Play Sheffield, I have led talks and workshops on numerous occasions my favourite being a beginner’s introduction to Unity. At First Play Sheffield, we explore what makes a video game and how they fit in to modern society. We’re a friendly bunch so if you ever find yourself in Sheffield come and say hi!

Of course being a founder of a video game user group means I’m also an avid gamer. From the games I enjoyed on my C64 to the latest blockbusters I like anything with a good story, but my current game of choice is World of Warcraft.

The best way to reach me is on twitter where I’m fairly active.

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