A day in the life…

I remember being sat in the car, with my dad trying to find “The Beatles -A day in the life of”. If you’ve not heard it, here it is; The reason being that he wanted to use it in a presentation, as a way to get people thinking about how they spend their time. In particular […]

Trello world!

You might have noticed from my previous post about using ‘Kanban at Home’ that I use Trello, Trello is a free and simple way to organize absolutely anything! That sounds a bit like a sales pitch but it’s honestly true, it’s very helpful! My favourite part is the app, whilst I’m waiting for my bus […]

Kanban at home

I recently read Personal Kanban: my experience by @tisquirrel a good post on how to use a personal Kanban board to reinforce the feeling of accomplishment that can sometimes be lost when things are hectic at work. As a developer I use a Kanban board to keep myself organized and to help track the various tasks I […]