Getting your Microsoft controller to work on Fedora

With all the games available on Steam that work on Linux you wouldn’t be unreasonable for wanting to use your Microsoft controller on your Fedora machines. Some games are just better played with a controller! Thankfully xboxdrv has you covered! You just need to install xboxdrv using; $ sudo dnf install xboxdrv Once that’s done […]

Jet Set Radioooo

Recently as part of it’s ‘Make War Not Love‘ Sega have been giving out copies of Jet Set Radio for free and it’s definitely worth a try! The original version was for the Dreamcast and was released in 2000. The game enjoyed a great deal of success thanks to it’s exciting gameplay which was quirky […]

Being a good leader… in Fallout 4

If you’ve been playing Fallout 4 at all you may have seen one of the achievements isn’t particularly easy to get; That’s just 0.9% of the people playing Fallout 4 on Steam that have this achievement and it’s not surprising given how tricky it is to get this achievement! The premise is simple, get one of […]

Year in review

It’s near the end of 2015 and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts about the year that’s gone by. The Good My brother’s wedding. This year my little brother got married and he asked me to be the best man! I have to say him and his wife were really organised, so there […]

A day in the life…

I remember being sat in the car, with my dad trying to find “The Beatles -A day in the life of”. If you’ve not heard it, here it is; The reason being that he wanted to use it in a presentation, as a way to get people thinking about how they spend their time. In particular […]

First Impressions of Fallout 4

It’s brilliant. Bye! I have to admit I’m pretty tempted to leave it just at that. Fallout 4 has that same addictive property that Fallout 3 and New Vegas possessed, you sit down to play and suddenly find that most of your day has dissipated. Much like it’s predecessors there’s so many events, missions and places […]